Monday, May 21, 2018

DIOR's Online Catalogue for Canadian Shoppers

Long time no see, I know, but I had to schpeel about this somewhere: DIOR PRODUCTS ARE OFFICIALLY ONLINE. Sunglasses, makeup, and skincare have always been readily available for Canadian shoppers, but never apparel or shoes. For Canadian Dior Addicts (no pun intended) there is no e-commerce to purchase products, whereas Europe and some other countries do have an e-commerce. Now, there still isn’t an e-commerce option available for Canadian shoppers on Dior’s website. However, there is a catalogue on where you can order by phone, so go fulfill all your Dior shoe, outfit, handbag, and other needs here! Above I gathered some of my fav items from the selections offered.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunglasses on Sunglasses

From top to bottom: Karen Walker, Ray Ban, Le SpecsIllesteva, Sunday Somewhere, Ray Ban, Le Specs
I certainly would post more, except sometimes I feel like I have already posted about everything. Nevertheless, I enjoy posting about what I truly enjoy—so if I'm not fully invested in and enjoying what I'm writing or posting about then I feel my posts will lack excitement. Anyways, I've found my main accessory that I'm constantly purchasing or buying: sunglasses. Over the past two years I've spontaneously accumulated three Dior Sunglasses. I always used to wear my Ray Ban Wayfarer's anywhere and everywhere way back when. Now, all I wear are my Dior's (So Real or Technologic styles). So I thought I'd search for more, and I came across a few, but I decided to go outside my Dior-comfort zone and go for other styles and brands. Coincidentally, there seems to be a trend out of the ones I chose which encompass mirrored/metallic frames and round-shapes (as shown above).

Saturday, September 03, 2016

2016 F/W Fashion Forward

What a time, to be alive (you and yours versus me and mine)... clearly getting carried away, thanks Drake. But, what a time to be alive during fall/winter fashion that is absolutely marvellous. This years trends (that I admire and will follow) include velvet, baggy streetwear, combat boots, lace, and silk/satin. Below are some of the most-coveted runway styles along with clothing items that I would certainly add (or have already added) to my wardrobe. Of course a lot of runway items are $1000+, so taking the runway style I have added similar items in correspondence to them. Most styles are similar or somewhat similar. Hope you all enjoy your fall/winter, as much as I want this summer weather to remain! Posts include similar runway appearances (p.s. if you click on the photo it will direct you to the similar item).

I have been posting a lot more fashion inspiration on Pinterest lately. I never understood why people were so interested in posting on Pinterest but I think I understand why now. It just provides a visual pin-board depiction of my interests, especially style (rather than actually printing things out and putting them on the wall--so old school right? Lol.) Check out my Pinterest here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

OVO Fest 2016

The Summer Sixteen / OVO Fest 2016 aka the seventh annual OVO Fest (can't believe it's been 7 years, crazy!). This year there were two tour dates set for opening acts and Drake to perform in Toronto (two more in October), but the official OVO Fest was the second day: August 1, 2016 as declared by Drake. Funny enough, he trash-talked the whole evening with some smart remarks about how the audience was much better on the Monday show than the Sunday show (I literally lol'ed). Of course this was definitely another one for the books, yet again. Although there were a lot fewer performances than previous years (similar to last year), less is definitely more in this case. Rihanna and DVSN were the main highlight for me. Other spectacular set out performances include Baka, Roy Woods, Popcaan, Future, Drake, French Montana, and Kanye West. Overall, it was a fun-filled experience and great time as it should be! You can see my previous years posted here: OVO Fest 2013, OVO Fest 2014, and OVO Fest 2015. in which I posted pictures. This year I have decided to post a video compilation with all of the videos that I recorded on Snapchat—not A1 quality, but they are vivid! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Jean Board

A little Spring/Summer 2016 inspiration calls for a much awaited blog post. I have been creating some mood boards on my Pinterest (check them out here); however, below is a palette of jean colours and styles essential for S/S '16.
Citizens of Humanity 'Rocket', $318
FRAME Denim 'Le Rip,' $250

One of the things that I pinned on my board are jeans, here's my explanation for their purpose: I'm usually incredibly picky with the types of jeans I choose to wear. I take into account: Back pockets, front pockets, knee-scrunch, and so on. Unfortunately, the ever-so coveted TopShop jeans don't cut it for me, as they always tend to have any itchy-texture against my skin. I have been opting for J Brand and Rag & Bone for the past 5 years or so. Recently I decided to experiment beyond these same-olds. The new school includes: FRAME Denim and Citizens of Humanity. FRAME Denim jeans are actually very comfortable, the only con would be the back pockets, they are quite dispersed and wide. But, it depends on how one decides to wear them, and how my legs and bum decide to 'get' along with them. Citizens of Humanity jeans, now let me tell you, I haven't purchased a coloured pair jeans (it has been all black since...), in about 5 years ago. But given such positive raves about COH, I gave in. I purchased the Rocket jean in 'Indie' (light blue wash denim). ANDDDDD, *drum roll* they fit like a glove, they are soft, and stretchy (although I think they are catered for taller/long legged women). They are high-waisted, which was different because I usually opt for low-waisted. Yet, they've passed my picky-self.

See my full S/S 2016 board here.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Survival Sweaters

I have been enjoying wearing my winter jacket, well, not necessarily. But, there are some sweaters and shirts that I have accumulated over the past year which are usually my go-to's (by Alexander Wang to Etre Cecile). The sweaters shown above are all sweaters that I truly find useful. I do not think I have ever stated on my blog that I only share what I find useful--so I will state it now, rather than just throwing post after post (omitting from reputation, a lot of my favourites have been discussed in very early posts when I first started blogging). After contemplating for some time I finally decided to just get a KENZO sweater and it has been a survival apparel during the winter (do not get me started on the terrible sidewalk and road conditions that are immensely salted, but never actually shovelled/towed...). Anyways, why not purchase some more to welcome the winter and just enjoy it somehow. Overtime, I get tired of the same sweaters though, but what else is a fashion-forward shopping maniac to do when it is snowing outside?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holt Renfrew 2015 E-Commerce Website

The moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived (kind of)--Holt Renfrew, a Canadian designer department store, has finally launched there e-commerce website. Holt Renfrew is probably one of the few (and odd) contemporary store that does not have an online website to shop on. They recently launched there e-commerce website in October 2015, while only offering beauty products and a few sunglasses to splurge on. They are expected to expand to womenswear, menswear, shoes, and all that of that good stuff within 2016 (no specific or expected date sadly). The overall layout of the website is consistent, unique to its own brand; however, there is some slight clutter with the constant scrolling of the top bar. They could definitely get rid of the scrolling top bar as it takes up quite a lot space with both the account information and the different categories. Just as a small critique, I recommend that they make the categories bar and account information into one bar. For instance, replacing the order/account information (grey bar) into one Holt Renfrew white bar, keeping the categories as is, then having order/account at the right side (or left) side of the same bar in smaller, but non-bolded text. Otherwise, the rest of the website is easy-navigation and throughly designed. As a loyal shopper, I am excited to see what they have to offer in hopes that it is a well executed online shopping experience. Until then, happy beauty product and sunglasses shopping!